Migrant Education


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Migrant Consultant
Phone: 361-561-8611

Velma Salazar

Migrant Recruiter/Technical Assistant
Phone: 361-561-8615
Isabel Gonzales
Secretary for Migrant Education Program
Phone: 361-561-8503

Stephanie Coello

ID&R/NGS Data Technician
Phone: 361-561-8602
Cindy Ferdin
Migrant Out of School Youth Specialist
Phone: 361-561-8604

Laura Cantu




Migrant Education information is provided to school districts on the seven (7) areas of focus as required by Title I - Migrant:

  1. Parent Involvement
  2. Identification and Recruitment
  3. New Generation System
  4. Graduation Enhancement
  5. Early Childhood Education
  6. Migrant Service Coordination
  7. Secondary Credit

ESC-2 also coordinates services to migrant families stranded while traveling to and from work sites.


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